Here at the Shepherd Montessori Private Catholic School we provide an intimate stimulating environment for approximately 60 students, aged 2 1/2- 8 years of age.

We are conveniently located east of Hurontario, south of The Queenway across from The Apple Market, in Mississauga. Our school is the only Catholic based Montessori Private school in the GTA; our Catholic curriculum, called “Atrium”, is encouraged and supported by the Archbishop of Toronto. We invite and are open to all religions, creeds and nationalities. Here at the school we work as a team with the staff and parents to build a relationship to increase within each child, the early habits, attitudes and skills necessary to establish a lifelong joy in learning. Our environment is arranged precisely to stimulate independent thinking, encourage physical activity and enrich moral development. We believe that every child should be exposed to some sort of religion, to mold them spiritually and academically. Our aim is to guide each child, helping them to create a solid foundation that will pave a smooth path in our children’s tomorrows.

Our Mission

The mission of the Shepherd Montessori Private Catholic School, together with each Family and with our Church, is to provide a Spiritual Catholic Education. Our responsibility is to “follow the child while preparing the environment”; observing and meeting the child’s real needs. This will develop the intellectual, emotional, social and physical capabilities of each child, in order to live a full life by meeting the challenges that lie ahead and enriching the community as a whole.

Our School

In 1987, our school began with only a Saturday program, teaching simply catechesis to a small number of children between 3 and 6 years of age. Today we have a rich community of students with diverse abilities, interests, cultures and needs. The curriculum we offer is internationally recognized and implemented in schools globally. Shepherd Montessori P.C.S. is licensed under the Day Nurseries Act, registered with the Ministry of Education, and is newly affiliated with the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators. We are recognized as a leading Montessori school in Canada. Shepherd Montessori is a small, independent Montessori school which has been in existence since the year 2000. All of our staff members work hard at providing a family-like atmosphere for all of our students.