Theory & Enrichment

The Montessori philosophy is based on the ‘Absorbent Mind’ and following the child. Shepherd Montessori provides a prepared environment that invites the child to be involved. The environment is rich; responsive, emotionally secure and nourishing. The children learn to respect their peers, their teachers and their environment. Children are free to interact with one another, to choose their own activities and to feel proud of their achievements.

Based upon Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations, at six years of age, a child is reborn again with a curious mind and a desire to learn and know about everything happening around him/her. Our elementary program is designed for this curiousity and follows all Ontario curriculum guidelines. Questions are encouraged and answers are challenged as each child goes on their journey to seek knowledge.

Please note* Physical Education, French, Music and Martial Arts are all components that are included in our elementary program. The children also visit the local library once a month for reading time and for a chance to sign out books.

Grade One Elementary

Following the Ontario Curriculum Guidelines
Note that our curriculum includes enrichment components

Reading, writing and oral/visual communication

• before and after
• short and long vowels – spelling
• consonant sounds – base words and endings
• contractions – question words
• two and three syllable words
• nouns and verbs – past and present tense
• compound words
• singular and plural words
• synonyms and antonyms
• punctuation


• number sense and numeration
• addition and subtraction
• skip counting & 100 chart
• fractions
• patterning and algebra
• sorting (before & after numbers)
• graphing
• solids (3D shapes)
• understanding the concept of time
• measurement of the days, weeks, months
• the clock orientation in one day
• coins and value
• measurement (inches & centimetres)
• length


• movement of water
• freezing point
• water attraction
• power of the sun
• static charge
• volcanic eruption
• characteristics and needs of living things


• neighborhood mapping
• weather chart
• the sun, the earth, the moon
• North America
• Ontario & our provinces

History/Social Studies

• Significant people, places and events in Canada in the past and present
• create timelines to describe change
• neighborhood people, family; roles and responsibility


• primary and secondary colours
• warm and cool colours
• line
• shapes

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